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个性签名爱情英文 英语个性签名爱情简短

I like you, like the whale to the sea, the bird to the forest.

It is hard to give reasons for the true love. You only know you want his company anywhere,anytime in any mood.

As long as is a comedy ending, process you let I how cry will do.

If I know what love is,It is because of you.

The moon is a coin I toss. I dream of you on both sides.

Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom.
让我的爱 如阳光 环绕著你并给予你闪亮的自由。

sometime affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom

I would kiss you right now if only you were here.

When a girl asks a guy to listen to a song,it’s because the lyrics are all the words she want to say。

个性签名爱情英文 英语个性签名爱情简短

个性签名爱情英文 英语个性签名爱情简短

I learned the routine, but you are sincere.

I want to have a very long future with you. I want to get everyone's blessing with you. I want to accompany you through your life and live up to each other's warmth.

No matter how good others are, it has nothing to do with me. You are not good anymore, I like it.

This short life, we will eventually lose, you might as well be bold. Love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream.

I love you the most, I miss you the most, and I won’t mention you later.

Before meeting you, indulge in the past. After meeting you, I plan to spend the rest of my life.

I only like strawberries. Strawberry juice is no good. Strawberry candy is no good. Just like I like you, I can't be angry like you, I can't look like you, not you

The gentleness of life will run into your arms. qqssly.com

Where you go,whatever you do,I will be right here waiting for you.

You are a young love and sweet for the rest of my life.

No matter the ending is perfect or not,you can’t disappear form my world.

After I met you, I opened my eyes to the flower fields and closed my eyes to the stars.
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